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December 2011 It's December again so it must be time for The Omega Syndicate's free Christmas album. This year's free album is entitled 'The Holy and the Ivories' and details and the download link are available from the Music page.
March 2001 The following albums are available direct from the band in limited quantities, Paypal links have been added to the Music page:

Riding the Revelations - £11 UK £13 worldwide
Learning Curve - £11 uK £13 worldwide
Village Fate - £11 UK £13 worldwide
Extra Curriculum Activity - £11 UK £13 worldwide
Millennium Drone - £11 UK £13 worldwide
X - £11 UK £13 worldwide

January 2011 The Omega Syndicate will be stepping down from live performance at Restoration 2, the music will continue in the studio but not on stage. 

As a thank you to all who have followed our live exploits over the years, in addition to our usual "Limited Edition" which will be available on the night, there is also a FREE album to ticket purchasers only. This features the rehearsal (although more of an equipment check really) for the St. John the Baptist gig in 2007. The versions of the pieces on this disc are EXCLUSIVE to this release & are very different in places to any other versions, they have been cleaned up, but the odd "fluffs" have not been removed as these were never intended for release. So come along, say hello, or goodbye, or both & see what promises to be "something special".

The FREE CD is only available to ticket purchasers, it is not for sale through us. The event organisers have put a lot of effort into this & we were asked to play, but the event needs a PA system, lighting etc. All this costs, so to help out, this disc was produced. If you want a disc you must buy a ticket, if you can't attend, that's fine but there will be a small fee to send the disc out otherwise the money from the ticket purchase is eaten into by the postage to send the disc out.

Tickets £6 from: www.bandofrain.com/products.html

December 2010 It's December again so it must be time for The Omega Syndicate's free Christmas album. This year's free album is entitled 'Synth Hosanna' and details and the download link are available from the Music page, which has also been updated to include a slew of new and old releases.
March 2010 The Omega Syndicate will be making two live appearances this year, one at Awakenings on 18th September and the other at Hampshire Jam 9 on 13th November. See the gigs page for details. Dave says both sets will be completely different so you should come to both.
December 2009 Happy Christmas from all at The Syndicate, last year's audio Christmas card seemed to go down well, so we have decided to post another one this year. See the music page for details and the download link. This will only be available for a limited time. Feel free to sign the Guestbook and let us know what you think.
September 2009 Paypal links to Learning Curve and Riding the Revelations removed as there are only a few left of each & which will be available from the stall at An Evening with The Omega Syndicate in Liphook.
July 2009 An Evening with The Omega Syndicate, Friday 30th October 2009 at Liphook Village Hall, doors open 6.30pm, performance starts 7.00pm and ends 10.30 approx. The band are on a 'Recruitment Drive' that evening & will have a keyboard rig & possibly a guitar set up for anyone who wishes to join in. To avoid people just walking up & randomly playing, it is requested that if you wish to join us on stage, you contact us via our Guest Book & we will also get your T-Shirt size as youíll look out of place without one.

There are already a few interested parties, so we will allocate 'blocks' for artists of about 15 minutes during each 1 hour section.

In addition to the show, there will be a raffle of donated items for benefit of the Village Hall fund & stalls by ourselves & other artists.

Back catalogue, new releases, if we have it, itíll be available. More details and tickets from the gigs page

June 2009 The last few of copies of Horsemen on the Horizon and The Eve of the Holocaust are now available to purchase from the band via Paypal, links are on the music page. 
May 2009 Limited numbers of copies of Learning Curve and Riding the Revelations are now available to purchase from the band via Paypal, links are on the music page. There are also a few copies of the FREE album from the Awakenings concert left which are being included free with orders while stocks last.
April 2009 As part of the Awakenings series of concerts, The Omega Syndicate will appear alongside Modulator ESP and 4m33s. The ticket price includes a FREE download Virtual Ticket of the complete show, A new 100 copy Limited Edition will be on sale as well as other albums & merchandise, plus all those who turn up on the day will get a FREE, EXCLUSIVE Omega Syndicate album, which will also be available to buy for a minimal price if you have a link as a result of buying the VT, but it will NOT be available elsewhere. 

For details on buying tickets, visit: http://www.awakenings-em.co.uk
March 2009 The Omega Syndicate will be performing at the Awakenings on Saturday 18th April, full details on the gigs page.
February 2009 Link to free Christmas download album removed. Hope everyone who downloaded it enjoyed it, if so please leave a message in the guestbook. Who knows, if there is enough positive feedback it might happen again.
December 2008 The Omega Syndicate release a new album, here's the press release: 

'In this global time of financial insecurity & subsequent penny-pinching... The Omega Syndicate have released another album.
"What's this one going to cost me?" I hear you ask... The price?...
A visit to The Omega Syndicate website.
A few clicks of your mouse will get you 55 minutes of new (except for one), previously unreleased music, plus artwork if you wish to put it on a CDR.
We've given stuff away in the past, because our fans give us so much in return, so put your money to better use this Christmas & enjoy something that has no hint of "Band Aid", "Shaking Stevens" or "Cliff Richards" on it.
While you're on the site, feel free to sign our Guest Book.
Thank You for your continuing support.
Happy New Year folks!'

November 2008 Dave, Xan and occasional Syndicate member Stuart Judd will be appearing at the Hampshire Jam 'Jam' at the Millenium Hall in Liphook on Friday 14th November 2008. Review of Apocalypse by Phil Derby of ElectroAmbientSpace added to the reviews page.
July 2008 - The Omega Syndicate will be performing live at Holy Trinity Church, Hull on Saturday 23rd August 2008. All proceeds from admissions will be donated to the Holy Trinity Choir Fund. There will probably be a few new CDs available as well as T-Shirts & maybe a chance to buy a copy of the set on the night if everything goes to plan. There may also be some special guest performers.
October 2007 - The Starhenge studio opening ceremony took place on Saturday October 6th. Recordings from the session were released at the Hampshire Jam 'Jam'. See Music page for details

April 2007 Excerpts of some new studio material have been added to the band's Myspace page. It was recorded by Dave and Xan at Dave's new studio, 'Starhenge'. Some of it may feature on their forthcoming Limited Edition album 'Baptism of Wire' which is due for release at their SMD concert at the St John the Baptist church, Clarendon Park, Leicester on the 26th May 2007.

December 2006 New review of Apocalypse by Matt Howarth of Sonic Curiosity added to the Reviews page
November 2006 The Omega Syndicate now have a page on Myspace, featuring samples of their music, pop by and have a listen at: www.myspace.com/theomegasyndicate 
September 2006 The Omega Syndicate's latest live album Horsemen on the Horizon was released on 09/09/06, this is a CD/DVD recording of the band's appearance at the Awakenings in Leeds on Saturday 8th July.
July 2006 The Omega Syndicate's performed a well received set at the Awakenings in Leeds on Saturday 8th July, featuring the first live appearance of new guitarist Rob Clynes and additional keyboardist Glenn Alexander. The new limited edition TOS CD 'Same Synths Different Day' was also released, along with a Special Ltd Release given Free to those who attended, entitled 'I travelled all the way to Leeds on July the 8th 2006, for an evening of Electronic Music at Awakenings...I got just that... As well as an EXCLUSIVE free CD from The Omega Syndicate'
June 2006 The Omega Syndicate's new album Apocalypse was released on the 06/06/06 - Scary or what and apparently a coincidence - and is available to purchase now from Synth Music Direct
May 2006 Here's a preview of the artwork for the new Omega Syndicate album 'Apocalypse':

April 2006 The new Omega Syndicate album, entitled Apocalypse, will be out sometime next month on the Neu Harmony label. The exact release date is not known yet. Apocalypse will feature the new three piece line-up of The Omega Syndicate with guitarist Rob Clynes featuring on most of the tracks. The track listing is as follows:
1. Apocalypse
2. The Lycanthropic Principle
3. Pixie's Playground
4. The Global Extinction of the Wireless
5. Masque
March 2006 Photos from the recent special Mind Cavern Session have been added to the Photos page. the session was arranged for Simon Webster to celebrate the fact that it was 20 years to the day that he and Dave first met... At Manchester/Victoria station while both waiting for the same train after the Tangerine Dream concert at The Apollo that night. 

There were also special guest appearance from not one, but two guitarists as the Omega Syndicate were joined by Rob Clynes and Ed Britten of C.H.A.O.S. Simon also guested on Moog effects.

February 2006 Re-designed and updated Omega Syndicate website launched. First picture of the line-up including latest recruit, guitarist Robert Clynes:

l-r Dave Gurr, Robert Clynes and Xan Alexander

October 2005 Phonosphere released at the Free System Projekt gig at the NSC on October 29th 2005.
June 2005 The duo's second concert takes place at the Awakenings festival. (see gigs).
April 2005 An album of previously unreleased material consisting of a few edited tracks from the early Mind Cavern Sessions, a live track from The National Space Centre concert and a small taster of the next album has just been completed. This is for the Synth Music Direct Download site and will be available soon.
February 2005 The Omega Syndicate have 2 EXCLUSIVE tracks on the 3 CD "Awakenings 2005" compilation set which is available direct from the Awakenings site. 
December 2004 Photographs from the N.S.C. concert 13/11/04 (taken by Kinetik's Shirleyann Davies) can be accessed via our links page.

"Analogue Waves" reaches #12 in the "Backroads Music USA" Best of 2004 Electronic/Contemporary Instrumental Chart.

November 2004 There is a Limited Edition CD of unreleased material available at the N.S.C. concert 13/11/04.(100 copies only)
October 2004 The Omega Syndicate featured on the Electron on-line EM magazine. 

The Omega Syndicate are to play in Leeds 10/6/05 along with Radio Massacre International & 4m33s as part of the Awakenings series of concerts. See their website for ticket details.

September 2004 "Analogue Waves" goes to #1 on the Synth Music Direct Top 20.

The Omega Syndicate's debut performance is announced for 13/11/04 at the National Space Centre, Leicester along with Paul Nagle.

August 2004 "Analogue Waves" reaches #2 in the Synth Music Direct Top 20.
July 2004 The track "Analogue Waves" is played on the "Emusic" programme presented by Bill Fox 8/7/04.

The album "Analogue Waves" is featured in the Monthly Top 20 of "Emusic".

"Analogue Waves" is featured in the Top 20 of the Polish music site "Generator".

The Omega Syndicate is featured in the Encyclopedia of Electronic Music.

The track "Analogue Waves" is included on the latest edition of "Inkeys" CD magazine.

June 2004 Reviews of "Analogue Waves" feature in the June edition of the Synth Music Direct magazine
and on the "Borderline" Webzine's Neu Harmony page.

The album "Analogue Waves" reaches #6 in the Top 20 CD's for June on the Synth Music Direct web site.

The Omega Syndicate and the album "Analogue Waves" mentioned in the June edition of electronicshadows.com.

May 2004 The debut album by The Omega Syndicate, "Analogue Waves", on the Neu Harmony label is officially launched at the Alpha Centauri festival in Holland 15/5/04.
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